Laysion Lighting Technology Company Profile

    Laysion lighting technology was established in 2010, specializing in the development and production of LED lighting sources for film and television shooting. It is one of the few professional suppliers with LED chip r&d level in the world. The product r&d team consists of the Chinese chip r&d team and the us structural application r&d team, and the product optical quality (CRI>96+,CCI=0) is the world leader in the field of photographing and lighting.

    In 2013, it successfully entered the Hollywood film and television shooting market in the United States, and was recognized and praised by many Hollywood lighting engineers. The official recommendation of the American photographers association conquered Hollywood. The product entered the domestic market at the end of 2016, and was widely used and praised in movies such as fanghua and monster's cat.

    The purpose of Laysion lighting technology: to achieve the best natural light environment for film and television shooting!